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Your Leadership. My Support.

I would be honored to learn more about you, your goals, and whether we're a great fit for one another to embark on some leadership work together.

Joanna LaFleur.jpg

Joanna LaFleur, Owner

James has been an incredible business coach and has significantly improved my leadership abilities and the stability of my business. I loved how James asked questions and dug deep to find out my goals so that he could be training me in things that would help me meet them. James has been committed to my needs as well as helping my business be the best it can be.

Jeff Alsabrook.jpg

Jeff Alsabrook, CEO

I invited key people from my organization to participate in a one-day workshop with James.  The meeting was a huge success and helped open the eyes of the key people of my organization. We are achieving what has been a very complex and tough project for me, and it's going to be one of the best investments I have made for the future of our company.

Andrea Marchesotti.jpg

Andrea Marchesotti, National Sales Director

I highly recommend using James Lee to deliver your leadership training. James puts together a program that is relevant, tailored to your organization and isn’t just the training. He includes the pre-work and post-work to ensure that the learning sticks! His “trainings” are really a workshop. The Executive Directors who attended spoke so highly of James and the content was relevant and lead to many aha moments! 

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