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Hi, there!

Why the name "Bear Wise"? 

Think about a time in your life when you have had to wise up - really learn something to point of understanding and integrating that knowledge into the way you do things.  Was it easy? A cake walk? 

There is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom.  The space between is navigated through courage, introspect, and insight.  You don't just gain wisdom. You bear the process to earn it.

The best mission driven leaders invite change. They disrupt themselves. They aren't just open to coaching; they seek it out.  If you care about being the kind of leader that people love to work with and also gets things done (in that order), I'd love to help.

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My Story

2005 - Pre-Senior Living: I began my first professional job doing commercial real estate appraisals.  In 2008, I lost my job.  I needed to reevaluate.

2008 - My Start: I took a job at a senior living community as a caregiver making $10/hr., because it was across the street from my apartment and I was applying for law school.  A few weeks in, I made one of the best life decisions - I decided to go with my HEART instead of my HEAD.  I couldn't answer the question "why do I want to go to law school?" but I DID enjoy going to work as a caregiver.

2009 - 2013 - My Training: Progression of community roles from Activity Director to Sales Counselor and ultimately the Sales and Marketing Director for an upscale IL/AL community in Austin, TX.  My first five years in senior living were about learning more than leading.

2013 - 2016 - My Teaching: Three of the most influential professional years of my life in Learning & Development.  As a sales trainer, I really found my voice and my knack for helping people to gain insights and level up their skills to make bigger impact in their careers.

2017 - 2021 - My Leading: 8 years in, I was growing frustrated by my inability to make lasting change. It felt too immovable.  I knew if I'd ever have a chance at leading a senior living company some day, I'd have to invest in some pivotal roles: Executive Director, Operations Specialist, Corporate Director of Sales.  During this time I completed a rigorous Executive MBA program at McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin while working full-time, becoming a first-time parent, and caring for my father who went from a cancer diagnosis to gone in just over a year.  Oh, and we all experienced a little thing called the COVID-19 Pandemic.

2021 and Beyond - My Vision: Senior living has to leap forward.  The old way isn't working.  Seniors have less options than they deserve, competition is based on price-wars not meaningful solutions, staffing turnover is atrocious, great leaders are burning out and dimming, and people are exhausted about talking about occupancy. 


I believe that the future of senior living is SMALL BUSINESS and LOCAL.  Local people need local leaders and solutions.  I believe that senior living is a service not a place.  The truth is I've always been an underdog, and I want to help other underdogs.

I'm an Executive Coach for small-business owners in senior living.  I'm a Podcaster and content developer to help Head + Heart leaders to level up their leadership skills.   I'm a Consultant to small to mid-size senior living companies and technology companies who are navigating big change.  I'm a Speaker in our industry to help spark meaningful conversations that may inspire change.

That's my story, and believe me when I'm say I am infinitely more interested in hearing yours.  If you were nodding along to what you just read, then I'd love to speak with you about working together.

Want to talk about your leadership blind spots?

I know. What a call-to-action, right? If you get that I mean this in a positive way, then you should definitely reach out to me!

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