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Austin: Dec. 8-11, 2024

Paris: TBD 2025


Prior Attendees are given first consideration, followed by referred applicants.

The Think Tank committee will curate the group to include prior attendees and new attendees for an optimal event.


Flat Rate for Think Tank 2024 is $2500 for all attendees.

We are also working on obtaining sponsors for "scholarships" for up to 3 attendees.  [Please inquire for more information.]

Payment Plans are available to pay in full prior to attendance.


A maximum of 45 attendees comprised of thought leaders, innovation seekers and changemakers. 

Requests for invitation are reviewed by event creators and a selection committee of past attendees.

Who Are We

Where Head + Heart Leaders Gather

The senior living industry is moved by great thinkers and great doers. 

The purpose of the Senior Living Think Tank is to bring like-minded change agents together to build leadership skills, create resources, and deepen relationships that will influence the senior living industry toward positive change.

Component One: Leadership Development - facilitated learning in Head + Heart leadership skills. This year's focus is on "Storytelling" We will workshop together to better understand our own stories and motivations.  Participants will also upskill in the art of storytelling, including how to share compelling stories in various formats: short-form, written, verbal, video, LinkedIn, and other ways to connect audiences to our purpose. 

Component Two: Thought Leadership - build, share and grow your thought leadership in the senior living industry.  Through small-group collaborations, each attendee contributes toward deliverables such as white papers, infographics, mind maps, videos, documents, and other tangible works that are freely distributed to the senior living industry.

Component Three: Deepen Relationships - in a uniquely intimate and curated gathering, participants have reflected on the impact of deepened relationships which were sparked at this event. "We took casual or LinkedIn connections and turned them into personal friendships.  I have collaborated closely with people from the Think Tank all year long."  Another participant said, "I have gone to so many senior living conferences, but THIS is different, and it is exactly what I've needed to rekindle my hope for this industry I love."

Get On The List

Please share your interest in attending and contributing to the Senior Living Think Tank 2024!

Official invitations will be delivered on an ongoing basis up to a maximum of 45 total attendees.

Thank you for sharing your interest!

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